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Patients are seen by appointment only. If you are unable to keep a previously scheduled appointment, please notify the office 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment. If your child must be seen on an emergency basis, every effort will be made to assist you at once. Saturday morning appointments and evening appointments are available for the convenience of the working parent. We will gladly see more than one child at a visit if the proper time is pre-arranged. The usual fee schedule will prevail for each child seen. Walk-in visits disrupt and delay other patients' schedules, and are discouraged. Unless an emergency, walk-ins will be scheduled at the next availble schedule opening.

Telephone Consultations

When calling the office, give your child's name and as much information about the problem as possible. If our trained office nurses are unable to answer your questions, the doctor or nurse practitioner will return your call. Have a pencil and paper available to write down instructions given. The phone should be used for brief discussion only. Please make an office appointment for discussion of complicated problems.

After-Hour Calls

After-hour calls are for emergencies only. Prescription refills and discussion of minor problems should be handled during regular office hours. Your cooperation in limiting after-hour calls to emergencies will be most appreciated by the doctor and his family.

Fees and Isurance

Our practice participates in health plans with the following insurance companies. Participation in these plans may change without notice.

  • Aetna
  • Alliance Life
  • Blue Care Network (BCN)
  • Blue Choice
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of MI
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield - Traditional Auto Workers (WUPN)
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Illinois
  • Chandler Group
  • Cigna
  • Ethix Great Lakes
  • First Health
  • Great Lakes (QHP)
  • Health Alliance Plan (HAP)
  • Health Plan of Michigan (QHP)
  • Multiplan
  • PPOM
  • Preferred Choice PPO
  • Private Health Care Systems
  • Select Care PPO and HMO
  • Smart Plan

Please remember that Medicaid cards have to be presented at every visit. Also co-pays are due at the time of the visit.

Upon completion of your visit, you will be given a statement which will indicate the services rendered and fee charged. Fees charged in this office are comparable to charges of other pediatric offices in this area. We would appreciate full payment at the time services are rendered.

You will receive a receipt, for tax purposes, as well as an insurance statement. The insurance statement contains all the information your insurance company will need and can be forwarded to them. Your insurance may cover emergency care, hospital care and certain lab work, but usually not routine office care. Payment of the fee is your responsibility and not that of the insurance company. Our contract for your child's care is with you, not the insurance company. We will assist you in preparing insurance forms to present to your insurance company for your reimbursement, if full payment is made at the time of service.

If the insurance payment does not meet our regular fees, you are responsible for the remainder. When insurance companies choose to pay an amount less than the fee, this often is an attempt by them to reduce their costs and is not an indication the fee is unreasonable. You should discuss such differences with your insurance company. All balances are due within 30 days. Master Card/Visa/Discover are available. We welcome discussion of any fees you have questions about.

We realize there may be times when hardship may cause a concern about the payment of fees. Feel free, personally and privately, to discuss these concerns with us. We will understand. A mutually agreeable, realistic plan for payment will always be considered, if you discuss it with us.

We hope the care provided to your child has met with your approval. We hope our staff has been helpful and friendly. We welcome discussion of any concerns or misunderstandings.